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Posted by Becky Anderson on Feb 24 2019 at 07:24AM PST in 2018 Season


All teams reps that have not contact me Could you please send me team name and contact information!

Thank You


2019-02-24T07:33:42.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 07:33 AM PST, Crystal Cole said:

Does this include potential new teams or just returning teams?

2019-02-24T07:37:41.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 07:37 AM PST, Becky Anderson said:

Just returning teams for now thank you Crystal

2019-02-24T07:37:51.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 07:37 AM PST, Sandra Drury said:

Dalts honda ladies C team contact info no change Sandy Drury

2019-02-24T07:40:44.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 07:40 AM PST, Richard Bush said:

Rushmount coed c division

2019-02-24T08:05:21.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 08:05 AM PST, Becky Anderson said:

Thank you

2019-02-24T08:19:11.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 08:19 AM PST, Kemp LeMay said:

Canadian Tire Lady Jays Ladies D contact Kemp LeMay
Email is

2019-02-24T08:29:54.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 08:29 AM PST, Daryl Burke said:

Aknor Construction Fireball’s Men’s D team
Daryl Burke/Dan McCallum contact info same as last year

2019-02-24T09:08:37.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 09:08 AM PST, Dianne Wright said:

Hey Becky, just making sure that you got my email with contact info previously.

2019-02-24T09:14:49.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 09:14 AM PST, Becky Anderson said:

I have received it yes! Thank you and thank you everyone

2019-02-24T09:40:09.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 09:40 AM PST, Jon Davies said:

Jon davies coed d team name one job 3318826