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Posted by Becky Anderson on Feb 24 2019 at 07:24AM PST in 2018 Season


All teams reps that have not contact me Could you please send me team name and contact information!

Thank You


2019-02-24T15:11:49.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 03:11 PM PST, Jen barton said:

Ricks Driving school, woman’s D returning 3051680

2019-02-24T23:12:25.000-08:00February 24 2019, at 11:12 PM PST, Barry Stever said:

Morton Metals Men’s
Barry Stever, same info as last year.

2019-02-26T18:11:30.000-08:00February 26 2019, at 06:11 PM PST, Kyle Walters said:

Hi Becky,

Brewery Bay men’s D is returning but we are changing our names to floor coverings international. I am still the team rep.


2019-03-01T05:47:45.000-08:00March 01 2019, at 05:47 AM PST, Chris Gardy said:

orillia premier truck and trailer will be back

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2024-05-12T10:34:33.000-04:00May 12 2024, at 10:34 AM EDT, James Buttineau said:

Any teams looking for a male player

2024-05-06T21:30:13.000-04:00May 06 2024, at 09:30 PM EDT, Hailey Williams said:

Does anyone have a spare slot for a female player?

2023-06-03T14:39:50.000-04:00June 03 2023, at 02:39 PM EDT, Andy Hansen said:

Does anyone have a spare slot on there tram. I would like to join a tram and play this year

2023-02-16T12:27:10.000-05:00February 16 2023, at 12:27 PM EST, Don Young said:

Hello I am looking to join coed slow pitch team if there are any teams looking for a player.